It Shall Come to Light (Signed)


Paperback (218 pages)

Publisher: House of Riverenza (May 2, 2022)

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Ellen, a kind, mild mannered, and meek woman, coming from a troubled early childhood, lonely and depleted of support and love, looked for mentorship and role models in books.

She later dedicated her life purpose to her family, even compromising her personal fulfillment.

Following an unexpected move from her state of Maryland to Virginia, Ellen blossomed into maturity in strength and wisdom. In the midst of adversity she came out of her shell, interacting with others, until then strangers, and found the most meaningful and challenging friendship of her life.

Settled in her deep roots of faith and love for truth and justice for people and for the nation, she found her voice!

The enduring message of It Shall Come to Light: ‘Be resilient and strong as a tree, standing tall through misfortune and all seasons.’

Signed by the author.


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