Our Mission

We seek to be a light in this world by sharing creative content that instills hope in the hearts of our readers. 

About House of Riverenza

House of Riverenza is a publishing imprint founded in 2021 by Stephanie Augusta Bento in collaboration with her mother M. Carolina Bento. Born out of a love for storytelling, our mission is to publish artful creative writing that inspires readers to live life with hope. We believe that the written word has the power to uplift readers through stories of faith, resilience, strength, determination, courage, and redemption. 

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Stephanie Bento, Stephanie Augusta

Stephanie Augusta Bento

Stephanie is the founder of House of Riverenza and has a professional background in editorial production and content creation. She holds degrees in cello performance, language arts, and government and politics. Today, she combines all of her passions in her creative writing on Substack. For more information on her music, visit stephanieabento.com.

M. Carolina Bento

M. Carolina Bento

In each of her novels, author M. Carolina Bento shares her love of country and family, as well as an inspirational message of triumph over difficult circumstances. To date, she has published seven novels and is currently working on her eighth. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, and having grown up in Brazil, Carolina has been a U.S. citizen for more than three decades, and currently resides in the Washington, DC, area.


Stephanie and Carolina, back in the day…