Concenter: A Story of Love and Life (Signed)


Paperback (223 pages)

Publisher: House of Riverenza (December 22, 2022)

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Concenter, originally from classical Latin (Com = together, Centrum = center), means to come to a common center, to converge. It became the appropriate title for this story in which some of the characters from GrandiosoZingareseAlemana, and Riverenza converge in an unplanned manner to work together for the same cause.

Concenter takes place in New York City. New connections and relationships are formed, and surprising events are derived from those unexpected encounters. Real life proves to us, again and again, that oftentimes our paths cross in unpredictable ways. It is fair to say that in a work of ‘art imitating life,’ the same could possibly happen to our fictional characters!

Concenter is the fifth and last book of the series, A Story of Love and Life.

Signed by the author.


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